Smart community solution description


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Data information

Housing information

Layout floor information and occupancy
Location information and apartment information

Personnel information

Age distribution, household registration information, preference information
Mobile information, consumer information

Vehicle information

Vehicle brand, vehicle number
Vehicle location, vehicle ownership

Security information

Monitoring information, track information
Emergency message

Functional specifications

Management of floating population

Control the number and proportion of floating population in the community in real time.

The crowd portrait

Big data analysis to build community crowd portrait, to assist community investment promotion and construction

Security monitoring

Based on monitoring video big data analysis, master the community security status

Building management

Develop the community basic data, property data, rental data, master the community housing occupancy, housing structure.

Equipment maintenance

The latest Internet of technology combined with big data visualization analysis, real-time control of every device in the community, to achieve automatic fault alarm, timely maintenance.

Data interconnection

Connect every subsystem in the community to achieve data interconnection, and manage community data from the top-level design.

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