Program description

By using big data analysis technology and Internet of vehicles technology, new energy vehicle trajectory visualization, new energy vehicle density point recording, new energy vehicle capacity real-time update,It provides big data support for solving problems such as layout of charging piles and allocation of logistics capacity.

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Data information

Vehicle data

Vehicle position, SOC, vehicle speed
mileage, charging status, load

Charging pile

Location, occupancy
charge information

Logistics enterprises

Enterprise name, delivery route
quantity of goods

Functional specifications

Real-time vehicle monitoring

The vehicle position is acquired every 30 seconds,
and the vehicle position is feedback in real time

Route optimization

According to the delivery of goods, as well as the station line optimization, improve the distribution efficiency

Capacity allocation

Big data comprehensive analysis, to achieve sharing of transport capacity, reduce enterprise costs

Realize the use of charging pile monitoring,
guide the vehicle to find charging pile

Building pile location


Building pile location

According to the vehicle running track, combined with the change of electric quantity,
the dense points passed by the vehicle in low electric quantity were screened

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