Program description

24e provides data visualization support for gogo beauty and helps beauty industry to create a 60 minute breakthrough of 10000 single

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Data information

Daily marketing data

Times of sharing, registered users, visitors orders APP Downloads

7 days marketing data

App opening times, customer flow, order amount, sharing times

Real-time interactive data

Users share real-time path, real-time order data and geographic location

Functional specifications

Marketing monitoring

Real-time monitoring of member marketing effects, registered users, downloads, etc

Inventory management

Develop product sales data and category inventory data, membership portrait, adjust category inventory, reduce backlog

Customer development analysis

Analysis of the proportion of new and old members and the geographical distribution of members

Member interaction monitoring

Real-time access to member sharing path, sharing object

Hierarchical visual management

From the national, province, city, county and store. classified view data analysis, marketing monitoring that meet the needs of personnel management at all levels

Strategic layout

Display nationwide brand store layout, clear at a glance

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