Intelligent parking solution description

For the parking space operation enterprises, it realizes the functions of real-time monitoring of parking space status, revenue analysis of parking space, frequency analysis of parking space usage, user portrait analysis and equipment monitoring. Provide data support for parking space time-sharing operation and equipment maintenance.

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Data information


Location, parking occupancy
Parking charges, operating time

A parking space

Usage status, historical occupancy
Length of historical occupation

Al equipment

Equipment status and maintenance record
Fault information

Functional specifications

Parking space status monitoring

Control the status of each parking space in real time

Personnel management

Attendance, position of personnel, track display

Time division operation

Parking space segment operation, increase revenue

Parking occupancy

Parking lot occupancy at a glance

Report violations

Monitor the violation situation area in real time, and inform the nearby patrol personnel to identify and report the violation

Equipment monitoring

Equipment real-time monitoring, fault alarm, reduce maintenance costs

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