Founder profile

CTO Wu Jinghui (Jeffrey Wu)

Graduated from the University of New South Wales, Australia with an MBA

Bachelor of Computer Science, Macquarie University, Australia

Former technical director of IBM Australia Asia Pacific WATSON

CEO Xu Lirong (Stevi Xu)

Graduated from Information Management Department of Peking University

Macquarie University, Australia

Has many years of business intelligence operations and business strategy experience

Enterprise Honors

Won the [GAISC Award 2019 Application Case Demonstration Award]2019.08
Won [2019 China Information Technology Big Data Visualization + Artificial Intelligence Industry Leader]2019.04
Join hands with Ali AI Circuit Star Class to set sail2019.03
Successfully signed a contract with Venture Capital and became a strategic partner of the new economy and ecology2019.03
Successfully signed the Tencent Shuangchuang Town (Qingdao) Smart City Data Visualization Project2019.01
Tencent Global Partner Conference empowers all-day intelligent and intelligent industry landing solutions2018.11
Completed Pre-A round of 10 million financing2018.10
Attend World Artificial Intelligence Conference 20182018.09
Become a member of Tencent Accelerator Phase II2018.08
Data visualization helps the US Expo to reach 10,000 orders in 20 minutes2018.07

Enterprise Strategy

Enterprise Culture

Corporate Philosophy
To 'innovation, enterprising, effort' for the enterprise mission to continue to move forward, never stop.
Corporate Purpose
With outstanding products and absolute professional service, become the world's most influential brand.
Business Philosophy
Integrity-based, service is the root, win-win cooperation.
Entrepreneurial Spirit
Optimize your data for a wonderful life.
Core Values
Concentric, with Germany, with the creation, the same enjoyment.

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