Program description

The system is linked with the intelligent bus scheduling system to integrate "real-time alert", "full route tracking", "data analysis", "fatigue driving behavior monitoring" and "real-time monitoring"
"Face recognition" and other functions help managers effectively and accurately grasp the driving trend of bus drivers, reduce the probability of driving accidents, and realize efficient management of information and intelligence.

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Data information

Driver infomation

Name, vehicle fleet, number of shifts
Number of photo alarms

The alarm information

Type of alert, when and where it occurred
location occur

Vehicle information

Position, speed, route, station
Route information, site information/p>

Functional specifications

Real-time alarm

Get the driver's dangerous driving behavior in the first time, take photos and display

Behavioral data analysis

Driver behavior analysis, including alarm structure, ranking, trend change, prediction and prevention of accidents

Driver performance appraisal

Ten kinds of dangerous driving behaviors, fixed periodic assessment

Full track

Every 30 seconds to obtain the vehicle position, real-time monitoring

Rights management

Connect with bus group, and assign authority according to branch company, motorcade, route, driver and grade

Dangerous heat diagram

Dangerous heat map, show dangerous driving behavior high incidence area, high alarm

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